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To submit a proposal for the Lightning Session, please fill in the form below. A numbered receipt will be sent via email confirming successful submission within 24 hours of abstract submission. If you do not receive the confirming email, please contact the AIA Annual Meeting department (617-353-8704). Upon receipt of your submission it will be reviewed for completeness and a second email will be sent notifying you whether or not it is complete and ready to be forwarded to the Program Committee. If any information is missing or needs clarification the email will explain what to do.

Please contact the AIA Annual Meeting Department with any questions.

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If your abstract contains special characters, please verify that they are contained in the text below. Users of Internet Explorer 5.5+ for Windows can use the Special Characters pop-up tool (Omega icon) below. Users of other browsers and operating systems should use the Unicode extended character tool to copy and paste accented, foreign, and special characters into the abstract text. For abstracts containing untransliterated Greek, a clearly labeled hard copy identical to the online submission must be mailed or faxed (617-353-6550) to the Boston office.

Statement of Compliance
In accordance with the AIA's Resolution Concerning the Acquisition of Cultural Properties Originating in Foreign Countries (1973), the Annual Meeting may not serve for the announcement or initial scholarly presentation of any object in a public or private collection acquired after December 30, 1973, unless its existence can be documented prior to that date, or it was legally exported from the country of origin. An exception may be made by the Program for the Annual Meeting Committee if the presentation emphasizes the loss of archaeological context.

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