A Virtual Gala

Archaeologists find the keys to understanding our human past. They work tirelessly to excavate sites, advocate for their preservation, and educate the world about our shared cultural heritage.  This is a mission that needs your help.  The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) has been at the forefront of this effort for over a century. As we mark the 135th year of AIA’s dedication to the field of archaeology, we ask you to join us in putting 100 percent of your donation directly to this most worthy cause by visiting our donation page.

We invite you to leave your tux in the closet, drop your heels at the door, and save the ball gown for another night. This virtual event will feature an online auction that will run all of June. It’s time to dust off that luggage and bid on your next great adventure.  Taking that dream vacation is all the more enticing, when your bid supports the mission of the Archaeological Institute of America. Donate the cost of a seat at the event to fund research, excavation, and preservation of sites; to send students to their first field schools; and to provide teachers with the tools they need to bring the human past alive in the classroom.  To date, nearly a quarter of a million people have joined us in our cause. Whether you are meeting us for the first time or are a longtime supporter, this is a party that everyone should attend!  Purchase your tickets today or raise your virtual paddles because giving has never felt this good. Visit the bidding site today!

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